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Under-Eye Circle / Lightening Treatment

Cosmetic, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

What is Under-Eye Circle / Lightening Treatment?

Concomitant with the gradual loss in the amount of hyaluronic acid, the skin loses its sparkle and shine. Because hyaluronic acid ensures that the skin looks hydrated and fresh, thanks to its dense water retaining feature. The sparkly and full appearance on the face of a baby wears off as its body ages. The under-eye circle / lightening treatment aims to recover the sparkle and hydration of the skin thus lost.

The filler used by the under-eye circle / lightening treatment is a newer form of hyaluronic acid produced to exclusively deal with the problems below the lower eyelid. Most people look older and more tired than they already are due to under-eye bags or shadowy, dark circles. Genetic construct, weariness, irregular sleep patterns and unhealthy conditions or habits of living are the major causes to blame. The under-eye circle / lightening treatment kills the under-eye troughs, rejuvenates and reconstructs the skin surrounding the eyes, and cures swelling, bruises and circles.

Frequently Asked Questions

There may be slight bulges following the under-eye lightening treatment. These bulges will flatten fast within 1 week. The patients should avoid having hot bath or doing sports on the same day as the treatment. They may resume normal life the day after.
The process is completely painless as it contains a local anesthetic agent. The under-eye lightening therapy generally leads to a smooth and quite comfortable recovery period.
The under-eye lightening treatment is a procedure performed when there are visible depressions under the eyes or fading, troughs and darker appearance formed in the lower eyelid region till the top of cheeks, either by genetics or due to aging. It is therefore recommended for people at or above 18 years of age.
The lightening effects provided by this procedure last 1 to 1.5 years in average, differing from one person to another. Should you feel that the effects fade away, you may conveniently have the procedure repeated right from the scratch.
The treatment site should receive an ice application following an under eye lightening treatment. No bathing in hot water is advisable for the first day. The patient should avoid extreme facial moves and mimics or smiling that would challenge the results. Strenuous sports should also be avoided during the first week.
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