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Leg Lift Surgery

Cosmetic, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Under Which Circumstances Can a Leg Lift Be Performed?

The loosening, folding skin and other associated irregularities on inward shades of the legs are among the most annoying problems. Excessive weight gain and loss and ageing speed up loosening of the skin on the inner legs. The inner leg problems reveal in not only increased aesthetic concern but also rubbing of the legs against one another during a walk and set patients in discrete discomfort in a variety of physiological, dermatological and hygienic ways. Thankfully, there is a wide range of treatment techniques developed to efficiently handle this particularly hard-to-repair area, due to its ultra thin skin texture.


  • Presence of deep cracks and sags on the skin with an unpleasant appearance
  • Skin irritations correlated with rubbing on the inner leg and thigh sections.
  • Loosening and sagging leg and thigh skin
  • The feeling of the legs constricted in dress which normally fits well
  • Buckling and an unpleasant appearance on the introvert parts of the legs when tight clothes are worn


  • The procedure requires general anaesthesia
  • The surgery takes 3 hour in average
  • The procedure requires an overnight stay at the hospital
  • The spot scars should be supported with corsets worn for about four weeks after surgery


  • The leg skin and tissue will gain a more firm, youthful and raised appearance after the operation
  • Scars are left in the hides of the inner legs, landing in discontinuous strands from the inner parts of the thighs down towards the knees, which make them completely invisible while the patient stands on his/her legs.
  • Dissolvable stitches are used
  • Scars will fade away after an average period of 9 to 12 months, although this varies depending on the quality of skin

Leg lift surgeries are suitable for both ladies and gentlemen.

Frequently Asked Questions

As with all surgeries, you should stop smoking at least three weeks before undergoing a leg lift surgery. Use of blood thinners like aspirin and other similar drugs must be avoided during the last week before surgery.
  • Pain-killers like Apranax, Voltaren, Vermidon etc. (good substitutes for use in case of need include Minoset and Novalgin)
  • Multi-vitamin pills containing substances like Ginseng, gingko biloba, co-enzymes, Q, C / E / K vitamins etc.
  • Herbal products containing green tea, flaxseed, cherry stem, tomato seeds
  • All dietary supplements
  • Foods that can lead to constipation should be avoided for 3 days before surgery, and vegetable dishes and easy-to-digest foods should be consumed.
Excess weight always presents a risk for any surgical operation. Patients find it harder to stand on their legs, heal with delays and suffer from lung problems more frequently than usual, following the procedure. Therefore it is highly recommended that you reach your optimal weight. However, if the patient is unable to move as efficiently as needed due to an overweight problem, and yet to get rid of such surplus weight, then this surgery may be put on the schedule for purpose of freeing him or her from this extra load, alone.
The skin is very thin and loose in this area. If applied singly, liposhaping makes loosening worse. Only young patients with firm and healthy skin may benefit from liposhaping, and subject to certain limitations. The radio-frequency procedure performed during liposhaping tightens the skin and mitigates the risk of waving.
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