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How Do I Understand if I need to undergo a Hyperhidrosis Treatment?

Do you always wash your hands during the day? Do you need to change your clothes frequently? Or, Is your hair always wet and moist? Well, do you feel ashamed when you are offered a hand for shaking? If you have most or all of the above conditions, then you may have been suffering from abnormally increased sweating, a clinical condition known as “hyperhidrosis”.

Sweating is a natural process that takes place inside the human body for thermally regulating the temperature inside. It occurs through the sympathetic nerves found in the body. Normally, a human body secretes 1 millilitre of sweat per minute in every square metre of the body, it may increase by up to 40 folds in some people. This condition is referred to as hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating. Excessive sweating affects almost 1 percent of the entire human population.

Botox is a preparation that takes effect in exactly seven days. However, most of the patients who had undergone Botox injection treatment at our clinic due to excessive sweating in the armpit interestingly describe the first occurrence of the therapeutic effects as more premature. While Botox effectiveness is ruled to last 4 to 6 months as tradition, recent observations state that this effect can extend to 1 year, in underarm sweating patients. Following a few sessions, we have also observed that this effectiveness can extend beyond 1 year, though in rare cases. And this procedure has almost no odds or draw-backs. An almost 10-minutes treatment grants you relief of your sweating problems for a full length of 1 year, in an extremely favourable therapeutic setting.

Botox injections can be used to treat excessive sweating in the hands and feet, in a similar way that underarm sweating is treated. The success rates shown with the treatment are overly exalting. Due to oversensitivity against pain in the hands and feet, the procedure takes a different stance and involves application of sedative creams or neural blockers before treatment to minimise sensation of pain.

Frequently Asked Questions

Botox treatment for excessive sweating does not leave any scars.
Botox treatment for Excessive Sweating is not only momentarily but also painless.
The patients should avoid having hot bath or doing sports or engaging with any other strenuous activity on the same day as the treatment. Anything and everything will be permissible by the next day onwards.
There are no side effects inflicted or caused by Botox injections performed as part of excessive sweating treatment. Botox injections cause a reduction in sweating at such body parts as underarm, palm and sole.
There is no age limitation for undergoing a Botox treatment for excessive sweating. The procedure can safely and conveniently be performed on any patient at or beyond adolescence.
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