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Hair Loss Mesotherapy

Cosmetic, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

What is Hair Loss Mesotherapy?

Hair loss mesotherapy is a non-surgical method that employs micro needle injections of curative agents like vitamins, minerals and proteins in the middle layer of the skin at hairy regions of the scalp. The hair loss mesotherapy treatments rely on infusion of vitamins that nourish follicular growth, antioxidants and medicines that increase the blood flow directly at hair roots by means of an injector fitted with 2 or 4mm thick special-purpose needles on the tip.

The hair loss mesotherapy is an ancillary method of treating and keeping hair loss under control. Its outcomes are blissful and unfading. Hair loss mesotherapy is a medical procedure that spatters useful products directly around the pertinent tissues. It uses scant doses of percutaneous injections. The percutaneous drug delivery in the aforesaid manner stimulates the cellular metabolism and constitutes the sufficient grounds for tissue regeneration.

Benefits of Hair Loss Mesotherapy include:

  • Increases blood circulation across the scalp
  • Increased recovery of lacking proper nutrients for healthy hair regrowth
  • An abundant reduction in or permanent elimination of hair loss
  • Thinned hair becomes sparkling and shiny
  • Increased hair growth concentrated in especially less hairy areas of the scalp
  • Countless success stories in both male and female cases
  • Results of action becoming visible by the 2nd treatment session and onwards

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it hinders hair loss and makes hair follicles healthier and stronger.
Yes, hair loss mesotherapy does make hair regrow. It rescues hair follicles out of their dormant, comatose state and pulls hair cells that are incapable of producing hair despite preserving vivacity back into action.
Yes, hair loss mesotherapy can and will improve the quality of hair significantly. The treatment works wonders to relieve men of their inherited male pattern baldness and men, as well of women, of infantile feathers or juxtaposing, fly-away, weakly-stranded hair.
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