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Facial Fat Injections

Cosmetic, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

What is Fat Injection?

The fat injection procedure defines the process of extracting autologous fat cells from the patient’s body and re-injecting them beneath another part of body skin with the help of a specific set of cannula, after a special purification procedure. Once extracted and purified properly, the fat cells can be revived by injection into any area of the body, employing special methods.

Despite common knowledge, filling, as plastic surgeons call it, is not the only area in which this method is useful. The autologous fatty tissues represent the most abundant source of stem cells in a body, which, once injected in a treatment site, replace the missing type of cells and do the necessary repairs. For instance, with fat grafting under the facial skin, the stem cells change into fibroblasts for collagen synthesis, a process that yields a more lively and youthful look. When processed further through certain procedures for purity, the fat cell extracts have much higher stem cell concentrations. The technique has a wide area of application, covering, besides the face, breast, buttock and calf/leg cosmetics and any body part suffering a lack of tissue. Fat injections perform successful results not only in plastic surgery but also in difficult areas such as non-healing wounds and radiotherapy treated skin.

The fat injection procedure has two uses. One is as a filler and the second, for regenerative, restorative effects.

  • The filler effect provides fat cells continuing to live in a given area, and newly formed cells owing to circulation of stem cells. Thanks to this effect, a surgeon can change the facial contour and fill in the lines. This effect fixes the cheekbones, lips, chin tip and chin contour. It further highlights the eyebrow ends and brings fullness to the supraorbital area.
  • The stem cells assure the regenerative effect. They turn into the missing collagen tissues and fibroblasts and increase collagen synthesis. This brings rejuvenation and refreshment to the skin. The slender skin gets fuller and the parched dermis, hydrated, while light wrinkles and blots disappear in a great deal.

What are the possible applications of Fat Injection?

  • Filling up missing soft tissue on the facial domain
  • Correction of under-eye bruising and tear pits
  • Lip augmentation
  • Cheek grafting
  • Facial asymmetry correction
  • Correction of asymmetries caused by chin deformities
  • Reduction of burn or post-traumatic scars, correction of associated asymmetries and uplifting the quality of the skin on facial and other body areas
  • Breast and Buttocks augmentation
  • Genital refills


  • Dry, dull and dead looking skin
  • Dehydrated skin
  • Shallow and deep wrinkles on the skin that need treatment
  • Treatment of scars associated with acnes and wound traces on the skin
  • Sags and soft tissue losses on the skin
  • Bruising under the eyes
  • Stubborn, persistent scars and occasions where enhancing the skin quality is desired following a radiotherapy


  • The procedure requires general anaesthesia or sedation
  • The procedure takes 1 to 2 hours, depending on the operation site


  • You gain a younger appearance with your own fats
  • No risk of allergic reactions or rejection by the body
  • Permanent, lifetime effect thanks to fat rich of stem cells
  • Leaves no scars
  • Swelling and bruising may occur during the first 2 days after surgery, which definitely require treatment of ice in the early post-operative period.

Frequently Asked Questions

Soft tissue loss is one of the substantial changes in the face, caused by the progression of age. This is prominent especially around the eyes and on the mid face. Also the subcutaneous tissue weakens and the skin gets thinner. The tear ducts, nose - lip lines and marionette lines deepen. Any patient who is above the middle age and has a general worn and torn appearance on the face is a perfect candidate for fat injection therapy. Other candidates include people with congenital or acquired flattened mid-face, backward aligned chin tips or weak jawline, which can be re-contoured with facial transfer/grafting.
Facial areas frequently treated with fat transfer include the temples, supraorbital areas, upper eye lids, the under-eye areas, the mid-face area, the upper parts of cheekbones, nose-mouth lip lines, tear trough hollows, marionette lines, mouth lips, chin tips and mandibular corners.
A fatty tissue is removed from any designated area of the body using specialised microlipoinjection cannulae and injectors. The fat thus obtained is then either centrifuged or distilled to the desired purity grade. Next, they are re-injected into chosen facial areas with blunt-edged super fine grade cannulae.
As with any other surgical operation, you should quit smoking and aspirin intake at most 3 weeks before undergoing the facial fat injection procedure. Use of blood thinners and other similar drugs must be avoided during the last week before surgery.
  • Pain-killers like Apranax, Voltaren, Vermidon etc. (good substitutes for use in case of need include Minoset and Novalgin)
  • Multi-vitamin pills containing substances like Ginseng, gingko biloba, co-enzymes, Q, C / E / K vitamins etc.
  • Herbal products containing green tea, flaxseed, cherry stem, tomato seeds
  • All dietary supplements
  • Foods that can lead to constipation should be avoided for 3 days before surgery, and vegetable dishes and easy-to-digest foods should be consumed.
The facial fat injection is a minimally invasive surgical procedure which requires patients to be sedated intravenously at the operating room in heavily loaded doses of strong tranquillizers and does not require general anaesthesia in most cases.
The procedure lasts around an hour, although this duration may change depending on the areas of application.
Facial fat injections are not painful procedures. The patients feel discomfort rather for swelling and bruises.
Patients usually leave the hospital and head back to home on the same day of the operation. Swelling and bruising may occur during the first 2 days after surgery. To help them reduce in numbers or diminish their occurrence, patients should absolutely undergo ice treatment in the early post-operative period. The patients may then go out wearing dark coloured glasses on the next day. The swelling and bruises will start to fade from the third day and heal substantially at the end of the first week following surgery. Bruises, if any, then remaining may be hidden with concealer make-ups. The face will recover its natural appearance to a large extent, about the end of the 3rd postoperative week. Patients need to use appropriate sunlight protectors for 3 month after surgery.
Fat injection treatments are safe procedures yielding not much problems. In the case of injections performed at and around the eyes, lumps and sclerosis may occur under the skin, if refined fat tissue is not used. Transfer of excessive fat on the mid-face may lead to far-fetched consequences. Lips are overpopulated by swellings, which, fortunately, deflate at splendidly fast rates.
Before, people used to think that the body would lose all the fat grafted or transplanted by the procedure. However, if done properly and using diligent techniques, and, when introduced decently in the face, the results of this therapy will be perpetual, within a very high probability. One may say, though, all the fat graft circumscribing the ocular holes will endure, with a hundred per cent certainty. The retention rates prove to be high for the mid-face, chin tips and chin contours, as well. Losses are much to be expected in constantly moving areas. The real-world experience based on numerous successfully treated cases suggests that fat injected on the nose - mouth lip lines remain only by half, while the rates of fat loss seem significantly high for mouth lips. Nevertheless, we may confidently say that the rehabilitative effects of fat injection surgeries would stay forever.
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