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Facial Aesthetics

Cosmetic, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

What is Facial Aesthetics?

It is a sub-discipline of the plastic surgery genre. Aesthetic (or cosmetic) surgery concentrates on operations and interventions that aim to render the body image more pulchritudinous and impeccable. Here, there are aesthetic concerns rather than medical ones..

Since all plastic surgeons receive training on aesthetic surgery as part of their specialised education in their majoring branch, they are the only individuals capable of handling the afore-said operations and interventions easily and authoritatively.

We, as plastic surgeons, tend to divide our potential patients’ faces into three parts as the forehead, mid-face and chin-neck regions, when performing an informed assessment on aesthetic aspects, for pinpointing individual needs.

Upper Face: comprises the upper eyelids, eyebrows and frontal line of the scalp hair, including the whiskers,

Mid Face: denotes the area demarcated by the lower eyelids on the top and upper lip at the bottom and reaching at the outer boundaries of the cheek bones on both sides,

Lower Face (Chin-Neck): is the part of face that retains below the lips and covers the mandible and especially the frontal side of the neck.

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