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Endolift Laser Treatment

Cosmetic, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

What is Endolift Laser Treatment?

What is Endolift Laser Treatment?

An FDA-approved laser technology for remodelling of the middle and lower parts of the face, removal of double chin, lifting and tightening of jowls, mandible line and the neck and removal / firming of eye bags.

Endolift treatment is a minimally invasive outpatient laser lifting procedure used in interstitial aesthetic medicine, performed subcutaneously yet without any incision, thanks to specific single-use micro-optical fibers as thick as a hair strand (200 or 300 microns) and by transmitting selective lipolytic and photobiomodulation beams (Aton, LASEmaR® 1500, Spectrum®) in 1470 nm wavelength.

“Non-surgical face lifting and jowl augmentation in a one-hour single session”


• Non-surgical mid-face lifting
• Jowl reduction and lifting
• Mandible line filling and definition
• Treatment of droopy lower eyelid and sagging
• Droopy upper eyelid treatment
• Eyebrow Lifting
• Tightening of Neck Bands and Lines
• Skin tightening and conditioning
• Removal of deep Nasolabial folds and Marionette wrinkles
• Removal of filling asymmetries and excess skin
• Breakdown of lipids accumulated inside the knee
• Compression – tightening of excess skin building on knee caps
• Treatment of cellulites


• No side effects
• Availability for all age groups
• No wound scars, bruises or bleeding
• Optional combined use with Stem Cell, PRP, Lipofilling and Botox Treatments


• Depth Control
• Heat Control
• No anaesthetics, incisions, stitches, minimum pain
• Short treatment times
• Short recovery times
• Patient may resume normal life right after the procedure
• No special care needed after the procedure
• No need for repetition for minimum 1 year after the treatment

Frequently Asked Questions

One single session of Endolift Laser Treatment is enough to deliver the desired effects and results.
Almost no pain occurs after a Endolift laser treatment. The treatment is performed with cooling system.
The period following Endolift Laser Treatment generally goes well and easy. No special care or precautions may be needed and the patient may resume normal life right after the treatment.
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