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Clear + Brilliant Fractional Laser Treatment

Cosmetic, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

What is Clear + Brilliant Fractional Laser Technology?

The Clear + Brilliant laser treatment mechanics rely exclusively on full PROTECTION and CONTINUOUS CARE. Clear + Brilliant is a fractional laser treatment that aims at deferring the process of aging and eliminating its initial symptoms. The Fractional Laser beams creates a controlled damage and stimulates the collagen fibres in the area of treatment. Purely natural, this replenishing, augmenting and tightening effect reveals in no time.

“Protection and Continuous Care”


• Anti-Aging (Loss of elasticity and fine wrinkle treatment)
• Pigmented lesion treatment
• Diminishing the symptoms of aging
• Tightening of superficial pores


• No side effects
• Availability for all age groups
• No bruising or bleeding
• Offers fully recoverable face tightening options
• Biometric RF (can be combined with Invasive RF, stem cell and PRP treatments)


• Needleless, painless, superficial fractional laser technology
• Highest energy frequency range possible for dry skin permeability
• New collagen formation on the skin
• Allows rejuvenation of the subcutaneous layer and tightening of the replenished, juvenile layer
• Short treatment times
• Short recovery times
• No special care needed after the procedure
• No need for repetition for minimum 1 year after the consecutive treatment sessions performed with 1 month interleave

Frequently Asked Questions

Clear + Brilliant Fractional Laser Treatment takes about 20 minutes, depending on the specific needs of the patient.
Almost no pain will occur after Clear + Brilliant Fractional Laser Treatment. It employs needleless fractional laser technology.
The period of recovery after a Clear + Brilliant Fractional Laser Treatment goes generally well and easy. No special care is needed and the patient may resume normal life right after the treatment.
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