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Breast Reduction Surgery

Cosmetic, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Under Which Circumstances Can A Breast Reduction Surgery Be Performed?

Overly large breasts are not just a cosmetic concern but can cause psychological and postural disorders, as well. To fix this occurrence and have their breasts reduced both in size and feel, people fall back upon breast reduction surgery, as the most viable resort.

Breast Reduction Surgery can eliminate both pending aesthetic concerns and existing or suffered health problems, all at the same time. It results in a decrease in volume of the breast tissue and a reduction in breast size in proportion to the body. Breast lifting is also performed as part of this procedure.


• Acute back, neck and shoulder pain caused by overly large and heavy breasts
• Regular indentations from bra straps that support heavy, pendulous breasts
• Bigger and older appearance caused by overly large breasts, which truly bothers


• The procedure is performed with general anaesthesia
• The surgery takes 2.5 to 3 hours in average
• The patient may return home upon release on the same day
• Follow-up care is usually scheduled at the end of two weeks after surgery, for the removal of stitches
• The patient will have to use sports bras for about four weeks after the surgery to support the new breast contour


• The procedure does not prevent nursing
• The breasts have a more firm, youthful and raised appearance after the operation

Frequently Asked Questions

Loss of sensation at nipples is a natural outcome of breast reduction surgery and is perfectly normal. Although the length of recovery varies from one person to the next, all will fade within a maximum period of 1 year.
There would be a single scar appearing on the areola in a descending stance, if the breasts are not too large or sagging too excessive. If the nipple sag by more than 5 cm relative to its normal position, then a T-shaped suture becomes a surgical requisite to reshape the breast. Scar removal creams or strips are highly recommended for use, after 3 weeks following surgery, to help eliminate them. Experience tells that consistent regular use of the said curatives for 6 months thereafter will make the scars fade and barely noticeable.
The post-operative period usually goes easy. There may be minimal pain, which can be overcome by consuming pain-killers.
Regrettably, firming and raising overly large and sagging breasts with sports is highly unlikely.
The patient should avoid performing any sports except trekking, during the first month.
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