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Botox Treatment

Cosmetic, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

How Does the Botox Therapy Proceed?

When botolinum toxins are intramuscularly injected, the neurotransmitters at neuromuscular junctions of the recipient muscle or groups thereof are temporarily deactivated and their flaccid movements become paralysed. Its effects are observed between day 3 to day 7. This temporary effect lasts up to 3 to 4 months, during which period, the contractions may recur. Therefore, injections need to be rehearsed.

Botox is injected in the desired area in small quantities using small needles. By means of these injections, the drug kicks in by stopping the neural transmission between organs linked by the neurotransmitters and the axons of the muscular neurons themselves. Botox thereby relaxes the muscle(s) by blocking neural impulses for a certain period of time and enables the skin to automatically tighten and thus, smoothes the wrinkles.

Most frequent application areas of Botox include:

  • Softening of the Forehead Lines
  • Reduction of the Frown Lines
  • Low Eyebrow Lifting
  • Treatment of Eye Wrinkles and Crows Feet
  • Treatment of Bunny Lines
  • Nose Tip Lifting
  • Removal of Smoker’s Lines on the Upper Mouth Lips
  • Chin Dimpling (Orange Peel) Removal
  • Removal of Neck Bands and Lines
  • Platysmal Neck Band Lifts
  • Calf Reduction

Primary non-cosmetic application areas of Botox include:

  • Migraine and Headaches
  • Dystonic Spasm or Twisting of the Neck (Torticollis)
  • Involuntary Contraction of the Orbital and Extra-ocular Muscles
  • Writer’s Cramps
  • Contraction of the Masseter Muscle and Bruxism
  • Myoclonic Twitches (Dystonia & Spasticity)
  • Abnormally Increased Sweating (Hyperhidrosis)
  • Refractory Idiopathic Overactive Bladder or Neurogenic Detrusor Over-activity
  • Anal Fissure

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, they are. Uninformed, non-heuristic and/or improper applications of Botox by untrained, unqualified persons may result in reduction of brows, sight problems and certain other side effects. The person performing the procedure should be a cosmetic reconstructive and plastic surgeon.
Since Botox is not a filler, the treatment areas will not exhibit any swelling.
It has been a false rumour among the folks that botox is a concoction involving snake venom. In fact, this is but a widely spread spectre of a misunderstanding. Botolinum toxin is not or made from an animal toxin like the venom of a snake, scorpion or spider. Botox is a type of bacteria that is designed and produced at lab environment and presented in pharmaceutical form.
Depends on personal build and characteristic and application doses used to treat the recipient site. Usually endures for 4 to 6 months following each injection.
Botox treatment does not leave any scars.
Botox treatment is not only momentarily but also painless.
Botox treatment for migraine is a procedure that lasts in about 5 minutes.
The patient may resume normal life on the next day of treatment.
Botox treatment is a conservative therapy against migraine-related headaches, which is recommended to be repeated at every 3 months.
Anyone can receive the treatment safely, regardless of sex, from the second year of life. However, the therapy should better not be, or, where this is compulsory, attentively used in combination with medicaments with known or proven effects on neuromuscular transmission such as those indicated for on myastenia gravis, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, pregnancy, aminoglycosides, on mothers during lactation periods or other individuals having a history of treatment with Botolinum Neurotoxin for any other reason whatsoever.
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