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Cosmetic, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

What is Abdominoplasty?

Following an excessive weight loss or during the post-gestational period, a volumetric increase is observed in the dermal and subcutaneous adipose tissues, in combination with loosening muscles and reduction in elasticity of the skin. Although a substantial portion of these tissues are lost during a weight loss, the subcutaneous adipose tissue and regional muscles cannot recover sufficiently, in most cases. The flexible tendons of the skin, which is enlarged, breaks apart from one another, mostly resulting in unpleasant deep folds and sags on the entire body. Thereby the overall appearance of the body gets deformed due to sagging skin and loosening muscles, along with steady accumulations of fat, a condition that cannot be cured without proper exercise and an effective diet.


  • Presence of deep cracks and sags on the skin with an unpleasant appearance
  • Loosening of the abdominal skin and muscles
  • Pendulous abdomen rushing outward the body, which adequately fits in a pair of trousers


  • The procedure requires general anaesthesia
  • The surgery takes 2 to 3 hours in average, depending on the size of the area of treatment
  • The procedure requires an overnight stay at the hospital
  • The spot scars should be supported with corsets worn for about four weeks after surgery


  • After a tummy tuck surgery, both lower and upper parts of the navel are tightened, waist line downsized, abdominal walls stretched, and the navel gains a youthful appearance
  • The abdomen has a more firm, youthful and raised appearance after the operation
  • All scars are located such that they can be covered by your underwear
  • Dissolvable stitches are used
  • Scars will fade away after an average period of 9 to 12 months, although this varies depending on the quality of skin

Tummy tuck surgeries are suitable for both ladies and gentlemen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Abdominoplasty is usually administered on people who have recently delivered a baby or suffer from loose muscles. The other potential beneficiaries of abdominoplasty include people who has a history of operation for treating obesity, or used diets in combination with physical exercise to loose weight.
There is a lead recovery period of one to two days requiring the patient to stay in the hospital after surgery. Follow-up care will be performed at third, fifth and seventh days of the procedure. On day seven, and after getting his/her body checked during the last session of follow-up care, the patient is allowed to take a shower or bath in a hot tub. A period of 10 days is usually enough for the patient to resume work and return to his/her social life following the procedure. A home-rest of one to two additional weeks is commendable for patients who have an active work life.
As with all invasive procedures, the tummy tuck operation will naturally leave a scar, though small in size. The patient may hide this scar easily, since it can automatically be covered with underwear.
Abdominoplasty requires general anaesthesia. It takes 2 hours in average.
The simple pain-killers delivered after a tummy tuck operation is usually capable of killing all surgery-related pain at once and for good.
This procedure is intended for treating cases presented with complaints of excess fattening in and around the abdominal region or extremely folding and sagging skin. Therefore, anyone suffering from excessive fat build in the abdominal region or sagging skin following a delivery may undergo this surgery, provided that they are at least 18 years old.
Yes, it is. Before undergoing a liposuction procedure, a test should be performed to assess the thickness of the subcutaneous adipose layer and suitability of the patient for the operation. In such cases, we inform our clients during the preliminary health inspections carried out at our clinic.
One month of continued use of the medical corset attached to the patient’s body during the tummy tuck surgery will help swellings fade faster and make healing much better for the abdominal skin.
The first week after the Abdominoplasty surgery is the early recovery period. Swellings appear slightly more during this period. The swellings will fade and edema retreat fast, by the third week onwards. There will be noticeable slimming of the entire body. Full recovery of the swellings will take place at the end of the second month following surgery.
As with all surgeries, you should stop smoking at least three weeks before undergoing an abdominoplasty surgery. Use of blood thinners like aspirin and other similar drugs must be avoided during the last week before surgery.
  • Pain-killers like Apranax, Voltaren, Vermidon etc. (good substitutes for use in case of need include Minoset and Novalgin)
  • Multi-vitamin pills containing substances like Ginseng, gingko biloba, co-enzymes, Q, C / E / K vitamins etc.
  • Herbal products containing green tea, flaxseed, cherry stem, tomato seeds
  • All dietary supplements
  • Foods that can lead to constipation should be avoided for 3 days before surgery, and vegetable dishes and easy-to-digest foods should be consumed.
Excess weight always presents a risk for any surgical operation. Patients find it harder to stand on their legs, heal with delays and suffer from lung problems more frequently than usual, following the procedure. Therefore it is highly recommended that you reach your optimal weight. However, if the patient is unable to move as efficiently as needed due to an overweight problem, and yet to get rid of such surplus weight, then this surgery may be put on the schedule for purpose of freeing him or her from this extra load, alone.
It is allowed to get pregnant following a tummy tuck surgery, but, this will loosen the abdominal walls and expand the skin once again. For this reason, this procedure is not recommended for patients who have a plan to get pregnant in a short time. However, the procedure is safe and will not harm or impede conception.
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