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Umbilical Hernia

What is the Treatment of the Umbilical Hernia ?

There is a tendency of repairing small umbilical hernias with direct suture without patch; but in our medical center, all umbilical hernias are repaired with patches. It is because the European Society of Hernia suggests that repairing all umbilical hernias with patches is a more appropriate way in terms of the prevention of recurrences. Umbilical hernias repaired without patch, even small ones, have been found to have a high rate of recurrence.

When umbilical hernias are small, they can be repaired under local anesthesia. Generally, it is possible to discharge the patient on the day of surgery. Patients return to their routine activities and works within a short period of time. When repaired with patches, umbilical hernias are very less likely to recur.

What is the Risk if Umbilical Hernias when they are not Treated ?

When umbilical hernias grow, they pose an increased risk of ‘strangulation of hernia’. The risk of strangulation is higher in umbilical hernias compared to other hernias. Therefore, it would be proper to repair umbilical hernias, even if they are small. In such cases, the hernia that could previously be taken away when pushed manually is now cannot be pushed into its place. Strangulation of hernia, an emergency case, causes pain and redness in the area.