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Tubular or Tuberous Breast Deformity

It is a deformity, in which breasts look deformed in a tubular and asymmetric form, especially due to underdevelopment of breast tissue and skin below the nipple. The inframammary fold is located in a position higher than where it should be located in, and the breast sags over that fold. The existing breast tissue excessively pushes out the nipple, and a tubular appearance occurs due to underdevelopment of the breast skin. There is an asymmetry in the brownish part around the nipple (areola).

Tubular breast deformity is a congenital condition, and it is usually noticed after years 13-14, when the breasts begin to grow. The deformity that appears with breast development in puberty may cause serious psychological problems in young girls, and may adversely affect their self-confidence.

Patients with tubular breast deformity are generally unaware of the situation, and they consult a doctor with the complaint of small breasts, or rarely, with the complaint of both sagging and small breasts.

The approach towards tubular breast deformities should definitely be different from the classical surgeries intended for breast augmentation. In addition, other breast and chest deformities (Poland syndrome, pectus carinatum and excavatumand , etc.) should be considered in the distinctive diagnosis of tubular breast deformities, as well.
Treatment can be applied in various ways, depending on the degree of the deformity, largeness of the breasts, and the patient’s desire.