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Enjoy the unique cool skin care with CRYO2 POWER. 

Vitalizing, tightening and refreshing effect on the skin… A Beautiful and youthful appearance.

 Much beautiful skin with the perfect synergy of so special concentrates containing pure oxygen, refreshing cool effect, and active ingredients!

Cool lifting that do not get away from naturalness, with New CRYO2 POWER.

The tightening and stimulation increasing effects of cool pressure on the skin is used in a variety of treatments in medicine, with intent to eliminate the edema and reduce inflammations.

The combination of the vitalizing effect of concentrated oxygen on the skin and the positive effect of “skin care kits with special contents” formulated to be used with OXYjet CRYO2POWER system makes it possible to obtain the desired perfect results on the skin.

Applications intended for LIFTING, which are performed with CRYO2 POWER are completed in 3 steps:

 With the favorable effects of enzymes, the skin looking tired and pale ‘shines’.

During the pressurized oxygen injection, special products that contain wrinkle fillers and refreshing, lightening or anti-inflammatory active ingredients are injected into the problem areas of the skin without using needle.

CRYO2 POWER application is a ‘cool’ application. During this application, cool and refreshing oxygen as well as CRYO2 ampules attached to the application handpiece are applied to the skin. With the favorable effect of this special ‘cold’ application, the skin gets tighter and vitalized, and the facial oval becomes more noticeable.

With your reshaped facial oval, your skin with an improved quality as well as your perfect appearance, you will impress everybody!!!

The products with special formulas used during OXYjet CRYO2 POWER applications are of great importance in terms of the functioning of the system. These special products proven to be at a very high level as a result of the clinical studies conducted on its penetration capacities significantly enhance the effect of applications.


Hand surgery is a branch of surgery that deals with the disorders and treatments of the parts called upper extremity that extending from the shoulder to the fingertips. Our hands are of great importance in terms of being able to meet our basic needs and make production. Many temporary or permanent problems impeding the hand functions, injuries in particular, significantly affect our lives. Structures in the upper extremity, which are different from each other, such as the bones, muscles, tendons, blood vessels, nerves, and connective structures function harmoniously in the same environment. Cases where this harmony is disrupted due to various diseases, traumas, and congenital problems are in the area of interests of hand surgery.