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Omnilux, the Light of Youth

LED technology that has gold standards 

Unique results wits clinically proven effects

Omnilux is the only system having ‘gold standards’ among LED (narrowband light system) skin care technologies used in the field of medicine and esthetics.

By means of the specific light emitted by the application handpiece, solutions are found for a wide range of dermatological problems.

  • PDT (PhotoDynamicTherapy)
  • Acne Treatment
  • Skin Resurfacing
  • Wrinkle Treatment
  • Treatment of various dermatological cases (vitiligo, solar keratosis, skin cancer etc.)

Treatment of minor muscle and joint pains is one its primary areas of usage.

OMNILUX has the feature of being the ‘only’ system that has efficacy and reliability proven with 7 FDA clearances received in its field and more than 40 clinical studies.

You too can safely apply this very special effective and results-oriented treatment procedure to your patients, through Omnilux system.

Omnilux Privilege

With a variety of handpieces used on a single platform, it adds diversity to your applications.

It is a perfect complementary device for various anti-aging applications such as Laser, IPL, Botox, and filling.

It is suitable for all skin types. (Including tanned skins).

It can be safely used in the face and various areas of the body.

It is a quick procedure. It produces solutions for problems within 20 minutes.

The results are effective and long-lasting.