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Facial Mesotherapy (Mesolifting, Vitamin Injection)

It is a procedure that refreshes and treats tissues, which age earlier than tissues in other parts of the body, such as the face, neck and décolleté areas. Mixtures especially prepared for this purpose are injected into the skin with very fine-tipped needles.

Facial mesotherapy gives freshness and brightness to the skin. The skin’s collagen and elastin synthesis is activated, and the skin is stretched and recovered. Thanks to such drugs administered, brightness and freshness are provided. Cosmetics applied to the surface of the skin cannot pass through the skin barrier and reach the deeper layers; but in the mesotherapy technique, drugs reach the intended target tissue.

What is Mesotherapy ?

Mesotherapy is a treatment procedure based on injection of the drug, which is prepared especially for treatment, to 1 to 6 cm inner part of skin. It was used for the first time in 1952 by Dr Michel Pistor, a French physician.

Areas to which the Rejuvenation Technique with Mesolifting is Applied

It is a procedure preferred particularly in the face, cleavage, hands and neck. Facial Mesotherapy is applied to the forehead, around the eyes, lip sides, cheeks, neck, cleavage and hands. It is actually applied with intent to refresh the skin, and delay the aging by increasing cell metabolism.

What does a Mesolifting Mixture Content ?

  • Hyaluronic acid: It is a substance that naturally exists in the human connective tissue. It swells up by absorbing water. It gives moisture and elasticity to the skin.
  • Vitamins:
    • Vitamin A:It controls the growth of the epidermis, and partially eliminates the thinning caused by aging.
    • Vitamin E: It is an antioxidant that protects tissues against damages caused by peroxidases.
    • Vitamin C: It stimulates collagen synthesis and slows down the production of melanin that causes blemishes.
    • Vitamin B: It plays a role in the metabolism of essential fatty acids, which provides the biological balance of the skin.
    • Vitamin K: It regulates the micro-circulation of the blood.
  • Amino acids: They are the structural elements of the proteins that repair and restructure of tissue damaged during the aging process.
  • Mineral salts: They regulate tissue metabolism by stimulating various biological activities of cells.
  • Coenzymes: They improve the biochemical reactions in the tissue of the injection site, and accelerate the repair of the tissue.
  • Nucleic acids: They stimulate the synthesis of the skin proteins.

How Often Mesolifting is Applied ?

Sessions take 15 to 30 minutes on the average, and since the needles are extremely fine, aches and pains are at the minimum level. The number of sessions is 4 to 6 on the average and varies depending on the age group. The courses of treatment are planned as follows. The first course: 4 sessions in 1 or 2 weeks, the second course: 2 sessions in 15 days, the third course: 1 session, and the maintenance: 1 session, at 6-month intervals.