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Lower Facial Rejuvenation

The structures within the lower face and neck region are the areas that include the lower jaw bone under the lips, and especially the front side of the neck. With the increasing age, the skin slumps down over the corners of the chin due to the effect of gravity; and consequently, the facial symmetry gets impaired and the face takes a quadrilateral shape. Grooves extending downwards from the corners of the mouth emerge, the neck skin gets loose and sags, vertical strips occur due to the loosening of the muscles under the neck skin, fat accumulation occurs in the jowl, and the angle of the neck becomes indistinct.

In the lower face and neck region, the objective is to stretch the loose skin and remove its excess part, stretch the subcutaneous muscle layer with sutures, remove the excess adipose tissue from the neck, and stretch the neck muscles by stitching them to each other. For this purpose, face and neck lift surgeries, neck liposuction, chin implant placement in patients who need, Botox, and filler and fat injections are performed.