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Incisional (Surgical Site) Hernia

They are hernias that protrude from incision sites of patients who have undergone a surgery. Incisional hernias may emerge in the early period after the first surgery or many years later. Incisional hernias may be caused by reasons arising from the patient or surgery. Selecting wrong surgical procedures or instruments to be used during the surgery as well as their misapplication are the reasons arising from the surgery. And the reasons arising from the patient are diabetes, anemia, chronic heart disease, chronic lung disease, eating disorders, collagen tissue disease, systemic diseases such as cancer, and the use of drugs that impair wound healing. No matter what its reason is, incisional hernias should be repaired in the most reliable and safe way, by considering that the previous problem may be still continuing. Otherwise, they can easily recur.

Incisional hernias can reach very large sizes in a short time: They are technically the most difficult hernias, despite that the difficulty varies depending on the size of the tear in the abdominal wall.  The source of the difficulty is the fact that in cases of very large hernias, such as abdominal wall tears having a diameter of up to 15-20 cm, it may be impossible to align and then suture and close the two edge of the peritoneum because of inadequate amount of soft tissue that remained under the skin.