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Hormone Mesotherapy

Our Body Rhythm and Hormonal Balance are of Great Importance In terms of the Natural Beauty of Our Skin

Hormones are the secret of youth, and are almost magical. Our hormones play an important role in our ability to protect our beauty.

Natural balance of our body works perfectly. One of the most important substances that plays a role in the growth and shaping of our skin, hair and body is the hormones secreted by our body. Thanks to these factors that we can call “beauty hormones”, our skin gains a pink, smooth and bright appearance.

When the body’s hormonal balance is disrupted, the imbalance is immediately reflected on the external appearance. Any decrease in these hormones, which are of great importance for women, may lead to sagging and slackening in the facial features. When these miracle hormones decrease, your beauty is definitely affected.

How do Hormones Work in the Body ?

There are fibroblasts in the dermis, the youth reservoir of our skin. Fibroblasts, the producer of the dermal factory, are extremely sensitive to estrogen hormones. We can say that estrogen is a hormone giving youth to the dermis. In fact, it is a hormone that triggers the connective tissue in the skin to produce collagen and hyaluronic acid, keeps the water in the skin, protects humidity, enables wounds to heal quickly, repair and cure wounds and prevents inflammation. It can usually be produced more in oily skin; and therefore, aging is seen later in oily skin.

What Happens to Our Skin When Our Youth and Beauty Hormones Decrease ?

You should dote upon these very valuable substances, in order to be able to make your skin smooth and strong, and protect it against the harmful effects of the environment. If they are decreased, you need to reinforce them. Supplementary hormones help rejuvenation of the skin, regenerate the cells quality, and accelerate the cell renewal on the skin. An observable improvement is achieved in the firmness and tone of the skin. Hormone have a firming effect, and a rejuvenate skin glows with youth. It stretches your facial features and shapes your facial oval. Your skin is protected against aging by means of these hormones. It strengthens the walls of blood vessels in the skin. It enables your skin to gain a livelier, tight, energetic, beautiful and youthful appearance.

Hormones are the bodyguards of our beauty… However, there is also other side of the medallion. When the hormonal balance is disrupted, bodyguards begin to work against us. So, what we need to do for keeping the scales in balance ?

Hormone balance is disturbed particularly during puberty, pregnancy and menopause periods. In addition, a number of changes begin to be experienced in the body during these periods. The production of new skin cells slows down, the activity of the sebaceous glands decreases, and the skin becomes drier and more dehydrated. Besides these, collagen and elastin fibers in the middle layer of the skin, which give elasticity to the skin, begin to get weaker, and also their production begins to decrease. The amount of the intermediate substance called ‘hyaluronic acid’ decreases; and consequently, the skin’s ability to retain moisture declines.

At this point, I recommend you to take hormones and vitamins in conjunction with mesotherapy…

Aging is a natural consequence of life. Structural genetic and environmental factors as well as the living conditions affect the aging process. Wrinkle is the most noticeable expression of the skin’s aging. Wrinkles are slightly or highly noticeable depending on their conditions and depths.

The wrinkle treatment ‘mesotherapy’ can be analyzed under two headings: The first is the anti-aging applications; and the second is the applications intended for the elimination or reduction of wrinkles, that developed in the aging process, by means of a wide variety of procedures.

How Often Hormone Mesotherapy is Applied ?

As different from other mixtures, mesotherapy with hormones is performed 3 or 4 times a year, depending on the condition of the skin. Afterwards, it would be adequate to apply it once a year, depending on the requirement.