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Hair Mesotherapy

Hair Mesotherapy is a procedure that involves the injection of vitamins, minerals, proteins etc. needed by the hair into the scalp through very thin needles. Hair Mesotherapy is based on injection of vitamins that feed the hair follicles, antioxidant agents and drugs that increase blood circulation, directly into the hair follicles through 2 or 4 mm special needles.

Mesotherapy is an additional method for curing the hair loss and taking it under control. The results are long-lasting. Mesotherapy is a medical technique that gives useful products directly to the area around the relevant tissues. Small doses of the materials mentioned above are given through transdermal injections. This injection made into the dermis stimulates the cellular metabolism and paves the way for the refreshment of the tissues.

What are the Types of Hair Loss that Hair Mesotherapy can Influence ?

Mesotherapy leads to an improvement in the bloodstream of the scalp and an increase the nutrition of hair cells which will helpto reduce the hair lossor completely stop hair loss, and thin hair will become thicker.

Can Hair Mesotherapy be successfully applied to both women and men?

The types of hair loss that can be treated with mesotherapy can be listed as; stress-induced, seasonal, metabolic hair losses, and sudden hair losses after pregnancy. In particular, mesotherapy is useful for “androgenic alopecia” (male type hair loss), where shrinkage is observed in the hair follicles and a shortening is detected in the formation and growing stage of the hair called “anagen phase”.

This method can be preferred as a supportive treatment for hormonal and genetic hair losses as well as for areas that have become completely hairless. It is not possible to provide new hair growth in the areas of hair loss and the naturally hairless areas.

Fuller, more voluminous and bright hair is obtained by filling the deficiencies for hair growth. In mesotherapy, the missing substances in small doses are directly given to the hair follicle; therefore, the risk of side effect is quite low and can be neglected.

Can Hair Mesotherapy be Applied to Anyone?

  • In people with heart failure,
  • In diabetic patients,
  • In patients with renal disorders,
  • Pregnancy / lactation period,
  • In patients receiving anticoagulant therapy, mesotherapy is not performed.

How is the Treatment Process of Hair Mesotherapy?

The treatment involves the subcutaneous injection of the prepared mixture into the scalp. The procedure carried out through micro-injectors is painless or cause pain at tolerable levels. After the treatment, the patient can continue to live his/her routine life. It can be applied once a week or twice a week depending on the requirement of the hair. The hair loss will be completely stopped after 6 to 10 sessions.The treatment results will be seen from the 2nd session.