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Full Body Reshaping (Body-Lift)

People who have lost a lot of weight will have a considerable amount of volume increase in the skin and subcutaneous adipose tissue, muscle slackness, and a decrease in the skin elasticity. Despite the considerable decreases in the amount of these tissues after weight loss, the skin and subcutaneous adipose tissue cannot be adequately shaped by the regional muscles. The elastic fibers of the expanded skin get separated from each other, and mostly create rebarbative deep cracks. Thus, a deformation of skin occurs due fat accumulation, sagging skin, and slack muscles, which cannot be corrected with exercise and diet.

Besides loosening of the abdominal skin and muscles, also sagging/flattening of the buttocks, and loosening of the leg skin are common conditions observed after excessive weight loss. In full body reshaping (Body-Lift) surgeries, the mons-pubis, buttock and side areas of the upper leg are lifted and the leg skin is stretched in addition to tummy tuck operation, through a circular incision that extends from the front to back, in such a way as to remain the scar under the clothes. With this surgical procedure that we call Bodylifting, the entire lower body is lifted in a single session.