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If your skin began to wear out and lost its brightness, it needs to be polished!

Fibrocell is a procedure completely intended for improving the texture of the skin. It delays the aging process of the skin!

Wearing processes in human body are systemic, and affect each cell and tissue of human body. And our skin is not an exception. Subsequently, the skin gets thinner, and loses its elasticity and moisture. And as a result, wrinkles appear in the skin, which then become deeper.

The building block that enables our body to become young and nice is collagen. The skin becomes tight, young, and nice, to an extent parallel to the greatness of the amount of collagen. It is fibroblasts that produce and form these collagens. The number of fibroblast cells in our skin decreases in every 8 to 10 years. And in such a case, we need to refresh the skin and enable it to regain the brightness that it lost. Collagens activated by fibroblasts provide this brightening. The skin gets tighter and its elasticity increases.

However, this procedure can never substitute for Botox or facelift procedures.

What is Fibrocell?

Fibrocell treatment is a regenerative treatment performed by reproducing cells called fibroblast, taken from the patient’s own tissues and cells, and then giving them back to the patient.

Fibrocell has an effect only on the surface of the skin; so, you cannot correct the contour of the skin by this procedure.

How are Fibroblasts Obtained?

The area behind the ear is not exposed to the sun; therefore, the cells located in that area are livelier. If desired, cells can also be taken from other places. The skin behind the ear is structurally much closer to the face; moreover, its removal is not likely to cause any scar in sight. A 3 mm-tissue is taken with a fine biopsy needle, and the procedure does not require a suture process.

The biopsy sample is sent to a fully equipped laboratory, where it is reproduced. Fibroblasts are produced in the laboratory within 4 to 6 weeks, on the average. When the desired adequate number is reached, they are gradually frozen, and then are kept for the next injection.


How is Fibrocell Applied?

It is injected into the skin with the mesotherapy procedure, i.e. through injection needles. Over here, we apply it with a special gun. First, we numb the skin, and clean it for opening the pores. On the day of application, redness occurs on the skin, and therefore, it would be better for the patient to leave the social environment during this period. Since we apply a local anesthetic cream, no pain is felt. Generally the process is repeated 3 times at 2 to 3 week intervals.


What are the Most Common Application Areas for Fibrocell?

We apply it to the face, neck and cleavage areas. If desired, it can also be applied in other areas such as the hand skin. Anyone over the age of 35 can receive this treatment.

How Long Does the Effect of Fibrocell Treatment Last?

After the completion of applications, collagen production continues in your dermis. 1 year after three applications, the wellbeing of the skin continues with a ratio of 90%. Satisfactory results that last such a long time as three to five years can be obtained. It should be repeated in every 1.5-2 year, depending on the skin age of the person, in order to be able to keep the effectiveness of Fibrocell therapy at the same level.

What is the Superiority of Fibrocell to Other Substances?

  • Since the person’s own cells are used, it is biologically compatible and does not cause allergies.
  • It does not require test.
  • Because they are living cells that provide collagen production, their effects are long lasting
  • It does not require any pre-intervention local or general anesthesia or post-intervention maintenance.


What are the Points to Take Into Consideration After Fibrocell Application?

Nothing is endless, and everything is under your control. You can shorten or extend this period!

The effect of fibroblast on the skin lasts for a period of 4 to 6 years. However, the person should take care of his/her skin during this period. First, your skin should be moisturized and skin masks should not be neglected. I don’t even want to talk about the unfavorable effects of smoking. In addition, drinking plenty of water and liquid foods as well as avoiding sun exposure are essential.