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Facial Plasty

The plastic surgeons divide the face into three basic parts as the upper face, midface, and lower face (chin and neck).

Upper Face: The region between the front hairline and sides, including the upper eyelids, eyebrows.

Midface: The region between the lower eyelids above and the upper lip below, including the nose in the middle and the area within the outward boundaries of the cheekbones.

Lower face (chin and neck): The region that includes the lower jawbone under the lips, and especially the front side of the neck.

Upper Facial Rejuvenation

The three regions listed above are separately evaluated to ensure a well-balanced facial rejuvenation surgery. Aging in the face does not begin at the same time and with the same intensity in every part of the face. So, in an individual, the forehead or neck ages earlier and no problem is encountered in other parts, while in another group of patients there may be serious collapses and sagging in the midfacial region, as well as bag formations under the eyes.

A “new” face and dynamic looks do not guarantee a new life. Facelift surgeries can improve your appearance and refresh your self-confidence; but the rest of the job depends on you…

“In terms of facial expressions, the forehead, eyebrows, and eyes are the most effective parts in the face.  The eyes and forehead alone shows if the person is happy, curious, doubtful, anxious, angry and thoughtful.  No other part in the face can provide a quiet communication to this extent. “

The upper facial region consists of the forehead, eyebrows and upper eyelids. The rejuvenation procedures that can be carried out in this region include forehead lift operations, temporal lift procedures, suture suspension of the brows, upper eyelid operations and Botox applications.

The forehead normally contains transversal lines with a depth that varies depending on the person. These lines become vertical between the eyebrows. Like the skin of the face, also the forehead skin begins to get loose, sag, and the lines get deeper in parallel with the increasing age. In the course of time, the eyebrows droop and a facial expression with tired-eyes appear in the person.

Forehead lift surgery is often said to enables the individual to look livelier and younger. However, it is impossible to anticipate the exact result in advance. The degree of improvement is determined by certain factors such as age, heredity, bone structure, skin quality, alcohol use, smoking, balanced nutrition, stress, air pollution, inadequate skin care or lack of skin care, the effect of gravity and facial expressions.