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Capsule Fibrosis / Contracture

As a natural reaction to any foreign material inserted into the body, the body develops its own protection mechanism. A reaction to foreign substance can develop in the form of a wound, acute inflammation, chronic inflammation, tissue granulation or fibrous tissue development, in consequence of the placement of an implant in the body.

A capsule will be created around the breast implant, which will then lead to a scar tissue formation. The scar tissue or capsule that normally develops around the implant may get stretched and compress the implant. Such a condition is called ‘capsular contracture’.

Capsular contracture is more commonly seen after an infection, hematoma and seroma.
The form of the symptoms may vary, from the sensation of stiffness and a mild discomfort to a severe pain, feeling the implant, and/or dislocation of the implant. In cases where the pain and/or the sensation of stiffness are severe, an additional surgical procedure is required. This procedure may involve the removal of the implant capsule tissue or removal of the implant itself, and probably its replacement. Nevertheless, capsular contracture may recur after such additional surgeries.