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Breast Augmentation

As a matter of fact, this is not a problem encountered only today but also a problem encountered centuries ago.Corsets, breast pads, massage methods and creams were used until the invention of implants intended for augmenting small breasts and enabling them to look bigger.

Basically, women having this problem are young women whose breasts remained small after the completion of their development; or those who had previously big breasts that then lost their volumes in consequence of pregnancy, breastfeeding or in excessive weight loss.

The era of modern breast augmentation began in 1963 in the United States, with the use of the first silicone breast implants. Ever since that date, an increasing number of implant placement surgeries have been done. Breast augmentation procedures are still the aesthetic surgeries having the highest rate of increase across the world.  In 2010, 296 thousand women in the United States alone underwent breast augmentation operations. This figure is 39% greater than the figure in 2000. Questionnaires made among patients reveal that breast augmentation operations that results in the highest patient satisfaction.

Breast augmentation operations are intended not for only augmenting but also reshaping the breasts. Besides the patient’s desires, there are also certain factors to take into consideration in the selection of the implant, such as the patient’s body structure, condition of her thoracic cage, and skin structure.