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Botox/ Filling / Mesotherapy

Botox, fillers, mesotherapy, or facial injection of autologous fat at the rate of 90% for providing a younger and livelier appearance are now among the favorite processes also for men.

In particular, giving excess fat taken from a man’s abdominal area through liposuction to the areas needed in the face gives a youthful and fresh appearance to the face. On the other hand, with liposuction we get rid of the excess fat of the abdomen and breasts and regain the athletic body contours.

As nonsurgical procedures, Botox injection is the primary procedure applied especially with intent to eliminate the wrinkles and prevent excessive underarm sweating.

The process that involves the preventing hair loss and strengthening the hair follicles by means of hair mesotherapy has recently been one of the most common treatment procedures. Being bold highly affects men in their business and social lives.