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Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck)

When the individual reaches middle age, fat accumulation begins in the abdomen and waist; cracks develop in the skin; the shape of the belly button gets impaired; and a bagel surrounding the whole abdomen and waist appear especially when sitting. Our biggest concern beginswith such appearances when we choose what to wear. Excess fat that spills over the top of the pants and the paunch that rolls over the belt are the appearances that make the both genders unlikable. Once the abdominal area gets impaired, it is hard to recover it.

Any surgical scars from previous surgeries (appendectomy, a c-section delivery, hernia surgery etc.) in the lower abdominal area can also be eliminated during the tummy tuck procedure. Also men are in pursuit of a tight abdomen as well as abdominal muscles in the shape called ‘the six-pack’. A well-shaped abdomen is reminiscent of both youth, and an active and sporty personality. There is a variety of surgical solutions intended for problems arising from this area.